Producer of nonwoven technical textile for the construction, furniture and dressmaking industries, air filters

NonWoTex Plc is among the leading producers of nonwoven technical textile in Bulgaria.

The nonwoven products are produced by the method of needle-punching or thermo-fixing. They find application in the construction, furniture and dressmaking industries as well as for production of air filters.

NonWoTex Plc. is situated in Sofia and covers an area of 70 000 sq. m.

NonWoTex Plc started producing nonwoven textile back in year 1986 when reconstruction was implemented and two workshops were created equipped with machinery by renown west European machine builders.

NonWoTex Plc. is 100% owned by private shareholders.

In 2005 a new line for producing nonwovens by the “Strato” method was installed.
Since 2003 May 16th in NonWoTex Plc. functions a certified for Quality management system /QMS/ ISO 9001: 2008 . It focuses on the effectiveness of the QMS in meeting customer requirements.

The top management of NonWoTex Plc. is committed to the development and implementation of the Quality management system and continually improving it effectiveness. It has established a quality policy and ensured the availability of resources for achieving the quality objects.

The productions of NonWoTex are tested according to BSS /Bulgarian State's Standards/ BSS-EN and BSS-ISO