Production installation consists of:

  • “Rolando” installation for carding raw material with capacity-800kg/h
  • “Luwa” installation for dust filtration – Switzerland ,
  • Mixing department equipped with machines by “Rolando” and cameras by “Ommi”.
  • The department works with maximum capacity 2t/h.
  • Automatic line for needle punching through web lying and carding machine “Tibeau”-France with capacity up to 450kg/h.
  • Laying device by”Cormatex”-Italy Three needle punching machines by “Fehrer”- Austria
  • Automatic line for thermal treatment of textile by “Brukner”-Germany
  • Strato line – “Roberto Papini” -Italy

The productions of NonWoTex are tested according to BSS /Bulgarian State's Standards/ BSS-EN and BSS-ISO